Safeguard company emails with tamper-proof archiving

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving securely archives email to safeguard intellectual property, and ensure regulatory compliance.

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving solution provides secure, long-term storage, recovery, and eDiscovery that assures compliance with regulatory requirements established by IRS, HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, PCI and SEC.

Unlimited storage

Infinite inbox storage that is secured with 256-bit encryption.


100% Data capture

Every email is archived and indexed then stored safely on our servers.


Fast eDiscovery

Fast search and retrieval for quick discovery and management.

Archives, and stores every email safely and securely

Achieve email compliance in just minutes. Email Archiving ensures that your messages have ever never been tampered with, deleted or otherwise modified. Microsoft Exchange Journaling technology automatically copies every message that enters your system – incoming, outgoing and inter-office.
  • Unlimited, long-term email archiving storage
  • Automatically copies every message (incoming, outgoing and inter-office)
  • Lightning-fast eDiscovery search
  • Compatible with Outlook, and G-suite for business

Email archiving for your Office 365

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving is one of the best email archive solutions for Office 365 or Exchange. We simplify email compliance, and make preserving emails easy and automatic. Our cloud-based solution will protect your O365 emails with an unlimited tamper-proof archive that securely stores your data.

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What to expect:

Tamper-proof email archiving that safeguards company emails and fulfills your industry’s compliance requirements.

  • Unlimited email storage
  • Auto-saves every email
  • Fast eDiscovery retrieval
  • Compliance manager controls

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